My name is Jeffrey Butterworth. 

I like to draw and paint. And at this point the only reason that would be pertinent information is if you're wondering "does this guy actually like doing this?" To which the answer is generally "yes." Generally.

Moving on.

I work in advertising as a Creative Director at GSD&M in Austin, TX.

Once when I was eight years old, while attending a conference in Washington D.C. with my dad, I was asked to demonstrate the Heimlich Maneuver by Dr. Heimlich himself for a segment on CBS Nightly News. I naturally begged my dad not to make me do it, and he reluctantly let me off the hook.

Well, now you know a little about me, so I'm gonna wrap this up now. 

Oh, I was also once in a local production of "Revenge of the Space Pandas" and peed myself on stage, then immediately walked off. I was like 10 at the time, so a little old for that. 

K, that's it. Bye for real this time.