About jeffrey

An art education molded primarily by Doritos, 80’s sitcoms, pointless trivia, and domestic beer,

Jeffrey’s art can be found somewhere between the sensibilities of Raymond Pettibon and The Far Side.

Working on canvas, paper, and mixed media, through Jeffrey’s lens you’ll find an honest and amusing take on pop culture and family life in suburbia.   

As a child Jeffrey was beautiful, with a button nose and a lampshade haircut. On more than one occasions strangers made their way to him to say, “You would be so pretty if you were a girl.” Jeffrey was homeschooled with his four siblings by their mother, he collected beige crayons to use as fake cigarettes while playing pretend, and will find himself flinching and protecting his crotch when one of his brothers walks by.

Today Jeffrey resides in Austin, TX with his wife and three daughters, working as an advertising creative director and artist.

To learn more visit jeffreybutterworth.com