About jeffrey

A seemingly normal upbringing, education, job, family, and life at home, is often times only telling 50% of the story. This is the case with me, Jeffrey Butterworth; a 37-year old advertising creative director, husband, father of three, and full-time liver of the normal life in a perfectly predictable, pink cloud.

Although making "things I find funny" is where most of it all starts for me, there is a truth I'm always looking to get at. One that doesn't get talked about much, or may not even seem important, but it's there. And you know it, sometimes a little too well, when you see it. My style is self-described as lying "somewhere between Raymond Pettibon and The Far Side."

I have been consistently drawing and painting since I was a toddler. I balance this while working at Austin-based ad agency, GSD&M and running my website ArterBarter.com, where I trade original art for "anything but cash."